A Song Of Love And Only Love : A Dedication

To the birthday wishes left out in cloud

To the days i would fall asleep at zero dark

To the candles untouched and alive like a fountain

To the birthday cakes left unbaked and uncut

To the wishes reached you someway from the bottom of my heart

To the love thrown away in trash, unused and unfelt

To the presents left blank without a name on them

To the kisses which rejuvenated the inner self

To the power of touch which makes memories fade away for that thinnest moment

To the hug i asked for, which was left unfinished and heartbreaking

To the days you made me sleep like a baby, with true mother’s love

To the silence which meant a million words

To the first meeting, which resulted in the heist of our hearts forever

To the star studded sky, road beside a lake, an early morning drive cracking through fog, paving our ways to life, an utter cinematic experience you called

To the people whom you put in front of me in the line of love

To the first light we observed, celebrated with hugs and kisses like lovers in a park

To the places we went at the stroke of dusk and dawn

To the foodie in you and the dumbass in me

To the capsized ship of my life, which you left wrecked

To the truth which helped and made us comfortable during our misunderstandings

To the future we planned keeping our pawns unmoved in a game of chess which nevertheless seldom worked

To the days i spent wasting, waiting for my mojo to get back to me

To the hollowness you left, may be a mid-life crisis in a quarter of a life

To the long lost love, i wait for what an Oxford Dictionary means to the word ‘Forever’

To the sullen expression you threw at me the last time we met

To my breath waiting in you, for the days gone to come back

To the Swamy you felt utmost respect

To the ice-creams we shared with our tiny lovable baby mouths

To the days we wept together for no reason other than meeting our love of lives

To the crazy you, who left beaches in awe of your playfulness

To the great Emily Bronte who quoted “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.”

To the days, i enjoyed living in solitude remembering our days of courtship

To the memories of you, who recognized me as not less than an Amorist

To the story of my life, which wouldn’t worth a penny, if your part doesn’t take a lion’s share

I pay homage and respect not for what they are but for what you are, an all embracing epitome of transparent love and life, i salute and miss the unchanged and unbiased you of innocence mixed with pure and true love.


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