Debasis Was My Sunshine!

This is a story of Debasis and Kala. Kala narrated her story. She titled the article as “Debasis Was My Sunshine”. This is one of the most compelling and cute love stories i have ever heard. It was told by one of my very close friends when things were better between us. I still treasure our courtship memories.

Eternal Love
Eternal Love

I called him sunshine because he lit up my life for 32 years. We met in 1975 when i was just 21, he was six years older. I was a air hostess and he a marine engineer. Our backgrounds and attitudes were also as different as the sea and sky. I was a small town girl from Darjeeling, short tempered, with an anxious nature. He was from Calcutta, and calm and positive by temperament. He pursued me in his quiet way, i would get stacks of mail when he was away at sea. We got married in 1978, despite our parents’ apprehensions. I left my job to sail the world with him. Seated on deal, beneath the stars, we’d just listen to the water. On full moon nights it was sheer heaven. He gave up fishing from the ship because of my Buddhist beliefs. Over the years i learnt to speak Bengali while he picked Nepali from me.

We wanted a daughter and even planned to name her after our first ship, but we remained childless. Yet, that drew us even closer. If he came across a pretty flower, he’d pick it for me-even from among the weeds. Debasis passed away in November 2007 after brief illness. I have his old courtship letters. It still makes me laugh when i remember how i used to threaten to read them loud if he teased or irritated me. Those letters and memories are what i treasure the most. .

No copy right infringement intended. All the text belongs to the author.

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