After me.


The Himalayan curves crave for my touch when I die

The green of summer and the white of winter redress me when I disappear

The mirror despise my absence

The road desire for my footprint

The ephemeral seasons celebrate my birthday

The platonic love I lived with, last forever

The cracks on my tombstone ever smell flowers



While love brought beauty to the seasons, friendship endured them.

Love made winter warmer with its touch, friendship made the traversal smooth.

Love showcased adversities as painful and hard hitting, friendship diluted them as mere squabbles.

Love romanticised everything from specks of dust on her cheeks to cute eyes of a giant teddy bear, friendship treated them as facades of illusion.

Love may not survive another sunrise but friendship lasts till my sunset. 

Love and aftermath

Those immature ideas on how to lead a life were convincing when i imagined a life with her. But not now, not until my humility was hurt by reality. The painstaking effort to save the relationship may have been toppled by the unintended camaraderie of family and friends. But that gut wrenching vaccuum never left the mind until life asked to choose between past and present. Present offered the privilege of drawing on a blank paper, past regressed to be a futile attempt on redrawing a compelling canvas it used to be. Canvas was attractive and inspiring but blank paper encouraged to imagine and rejuvenate past ideas and plans for life.

Nevertheless i’ve chosen the latter. Captivating enough to start recognising those insignificant pleasures of life. I tried not to think of her but failed miserably owing to the emptiness she left in me. Felt like i was being dragged to the bottom of a baseless dark tunnel, crushed down by invisible memories of yesteryear courtship. Stayed there, ganging up with audacity to step on the present leaving the remnants of the past behind.

Then hit the master stroke of truth, relationships are roses in bloom, once the fuel in them exhausts, they fall to the ground, unmoving, losing the texture and the fragrance. Forever is an illusion and eternal is just an alternative delusion. Certain people move on in their lives acquiring new friendships, starting over again. But the vulnerable destitutes like me can’t imagine life with someone else, someone strange to heart but close to mind. They learn a lesson for life.

No matter what, try and live by yourself. Love is a mirage we rely upon to scuffle through the harsh realities of life. Love thyself, because you can’t protect an agreed upon love with someone. Being in love is being vulnerable to pain, loss and the last resort of hope too. To be able to love again is one of the hardest parts of life. I’ve preserved those memories in my heart as a unifying force to reassemble the pieces she left. Only memories last, neither people nor their promises.

For Once And For All

Cast your spell once again
Relieve me from this darkness
Wake me from this limbo
Wipe my scars with the stars
Leave the world behind the past
Catch upon the lost dreams
Be mine for now
And the moments after
Make all promises count
Go places within me
Dry my soaked heart
Lead me to the end of life
Just be there
Help me leave my breath
Watching you
Being with you
In your hands
Help me die

Carpe Diem!

You are lurking behind a room of infinite potential, imagining and waiting for a perfect time and a perfect day to draw out the ammo you have been saving your whole life. Your ideal day should not be a rainy day or a sunny day, you live in a fictional world where courage is a forbidden feeling. Anticipating and preparing for that day does no good to your dream other than dreaming.


They're getting tatooed, can't you just remember ?

They’re getting tatooed buddy, can’t you just recite ?


When you were 20, you thought may be next time, as you’ve got an excuse that you’ve just passed the adolescence.

When you were 25, worlds were colliding and you ought to get a job to live respectably.

When you were 30, it’s time for life on the other side, so you thought you’ll get married.

When you were 35, may be you should earn more to provide for the family and should earn a secure future for your kids.

When you were 40, a mid life crisis erupts from nowhere like an uncontrollable lava.

When you were 45, an excuse can be created out of nowhere to accept the conformity you have adopted all your life.

Is there a single perfect time or moment to do something you’ve been wanting for so long ?

Is there a single moment in your entire life where you did something only you can enjoy and passionately write or speak about ?

We can only churn out perfect time from the time around us to do the small things we love. At an age of 60 or 70, we may not be happy with the life we’ve led, but we don’t get a point that we can change our life in this very second, this very moment by adopting a single rule for all the situations we face, it is “CARPE DIEM”.

Seize the moment.

Travel To Examine Your life!

Does a single day of your life has the capability of changing your entire life and it’s definition?

Every morning you wake up with certainty, expecting the very same circumstances to cope up with, the mundane life ahead. Why not leave behind the conformity you adopted for so long and hit the road for one full day, examine the nascent life turning into a vibrant canvas. That very day of your life changes your pre conceived definitions of freedom, love, hope and adversities. Every one irrespective of their age should get out and feel the spirit of adventure, how a single day can resurrect a phenomenal change in their lives. That is the power of one single day out on the road, what if there are many??

Different sun for one day is what matters.

This is the narration i have written for a travel video i shot on my city, Visakhapatnam.