Carpe Diem!

You are lurking behind a room of infinite potential, imagining and waiting for a perfect time and a perfect day to draw out the ammo you have been saving your whole life. Your ideal day should not be a rainy day or a sunny day, you live in a fictional world where courage is a forbidden feeling. Anticipating and preparing for that day does no good to your dream other than dreaming.


They're getting tatooed, can't you just remember ?

They’re getting tatooed buddy, can’t you just recite ?


When you were 20, you thought may be next time, as you’ve got an excuse that you’ve just passed the adolescence.

When you were 25, worlds were colliding and you ought to get a job to live respectably.

When you were 30, it’s time for life on the other side, so you thought you’ll get married.

When you were 35, may be you should earn more to provide for the family and should earn a secure future for your kids.

When you were 40, a mid life crisis erupts from nowhere like an uncontrollable lava.

When you were 45, an excuse can be created out of nowhere to accept the conformity you have adopted all your life.

Is there a single perfect time or moment to do something you’ve been wanting for so long ?

Is there a single moment in your entire life where you did something only you can enjoy and passionately write or speak about ?

We can only churn out perfect time from the time around us to do the small things we love. At an age of 60 or 70, we may not be happy with the life we’ve led, but we don’t get a point that we can change our life in this very second, this very moment by adopting a single rule for all the situations we face, it is “CARPE DIEM”.

Seize the moment.

Travel To Examine Your life!

Does a single day of your life has the capability of changing your entire life and it’s definition?

Every morning you wake up with certainty, expecting the very same circumstances to cope up with, the mundane life ahead. Why not leave behind the conformity you adopted for so long and hit the road for one full day, examine the nascent life turning into a vibrant canvas. That very day of your life changes your pre conceived definitions of freedom, love, hope and adversities. Every one irrespective of their age should get out and feel the spirit of adventure, how a single day can resurrect a phenomenal change in their lives. That is the power of one single day out on the road, what if there are many??

Different sun for one day is what matters.

This is the narration i have written for a travel video i shot on my city, Visakhapatnam.

Aspire To Define Life!

Far away from bright lights
Far from the metal screeches
Far from the odour of fuel
Far from diagnosed people
Far from artificial noise
Far from planned roads
Far from impure air

Lies an unquenchable treasure
The nectar of joy
The state of transcendence
The tumultous intuition
The soothing chirping
The anonymous inner disguise
Found sporadically
Completes us in parts called experiences

Found at untouched places
Places with fresh breeze
Without a trace of any trail
The one which introduces us to chaos
The thought of innumerable paths
All leading to a unique destiny
The rational thinking
Helps you define life in your very own way
The non-monotonous definition.

The Story Of The Story!

Tanmay : Why is there a great importance to a story ?

Teja : A story is a pacifier, a story inspires us, a story is the master of pedagogy and a story transcends our ideas into reality in many forms.

Tanmay : What about a horror story ? How will it ever inspire or do the things you mentioned ?

Teja : By watching or reading a horror story, you’ll know the importance of hope, you can feel the strength. By facing the adversities , you aspire for a better life. Every story inspires in some other way. What we need is an open mind to percieve and accomodate the gist.

Tanmay : But why people tend to watch a story rather than read one ?

Teja : Because people can skip the details while watching a story, but they can seldom skip while reading one. A scene goes on even without your active participation in case of watching a story, but it stops if you take a break while reading.

Tanmay : Why can’t there be a grand unique medium of telling stories ? Rather than books, movies, paintings and all.

Teja : Why can’t everyone eat the same food through out the world ? Their anatomy and climatic situations make them eat different. Similarly, different individuals’ perception personifies different stories in different media.

Tanmay : What good does stories do to the humanity as a whole ?

Teja : Stories are the bridges on which generations just pass by on this planet.The ‘legends’, ‘fairy tales’, ‘super hero fiction’ are the last resorts for any dying generation. A culture carries the mankind to the next stage, and stories take the lion’s share in any culture.

Tanmay : Tell me a story that will startle and inspire me right now.

Teja : You are the stories you have seen, you are the stories you have read, you are the stories you have heard, you are a story to someone who creates a story. Finally you are asking the importance of a story just because you’ve listened to one.

Killing The Aborigine!

Killing a commoner is the most offensive of crimes
Killing a soldier is the highest degree of righteousness

Prostitution is selling of morals and is heinous
Venality is of gaining pride and admiration

Light signifies knowledge, Darkness signifies ignorance
None exists without other

Combating a stranger is remorseful
Combating a stranger in a war is rewardful

Freedom bestows at a cost
Freedom is deprived by cast iron

Advent of Science impedes our presence
Advent of Science furthers the same

Defining restricts scope
Defining liberates from the clutches of ignorance

“1-Nenokkadine” : A Stellar Samaritan Of Telugu Cinema



Here goes my pocket-sized review of a telugu film in Indian film industry. The first ever review on my blog. **NO SPOILERS**

First things first, I’m not much of a review guy but I couldn’t stop myself writing a review after watching a game changer in modern telugu cinema. I’m writing this not for OS audience or for local audience, I wanted to write this for people who haven’t watched the film after reading reviews of few popular web critics.

Now, why don’t you watch Telugu serials or TV shows ? Why would you make a frown face after watching an episode of ‘Mogalirekulu’ or some popular serial running for years together ? You disliked their sensibilities, that’s a simple reason. And why would you be waiting for the latest season of ‘Game Of Thrones’ or ‘Sherlock’ or ‘Suits’ ? You loved their grandness or screenplay or characterization. You crave about them days after their completion, if you’re the one i’m talking about, you must try watching “1”.

Now I’m not going to talk about the crazy combination of Mahesh, Sukumar and DSP. I’m going to talk only about the film which had an impact on me, from whose hangover I couldn’t come out for hours, may be like ‘Les Miserables’ or ‘A Beautiful Mind’ or ‘The Pianist’. You may think I’m exaggerating, but even “1” had no less impact on me compared to those movies.

We’re used to routine comedy filled obscenity based action entertainers where the goons are thrashed by the protagonist and a romance track attached for the youth audience and few action packed scenes for a group of audience and wrongly placed songs. But ‘1’ doesn’t have any misplaced sequences and unnecessary episodes of boredom. The movie mostly runs in with the theme on which it was built. This is a rarity in Telugu cinema, even an oddity. It has it’s shortcomings but that doesn’t make the try vulnerable, a must watch for cinema lovers.

A film is a brainchild of the director like a book is a brainchild of its author. Sukumar has definitely got the guts to think of such an idea and to frame a story based on the same. Considering the plethora of routine mass masala flicks in the industry, I envy how he dares to try this script that too with an established star in the industry. Starting from the credits section to the in-line comedy and the climax scenes, he excels in blowing the viewer’s mind. How he connects the pieces of puzzles with slightest of difficulty amazes me. And there are moments where I felt a bit bored, where the director uses cinematic liberties which has an impact on overall effect of the movie on viewer. And he doesn’t add insensible comedy tracks just for the sake of Box Office bells. These reasons makes me say that Sukumar is one of the most creative directors of present day Telugu cinema.

Coming to the production house, nevertheless a film is a hit or a flop, the key player for the result is the producer only. A producer should have the capability to judge a story or script the director envisions. In that case kudos to “14 Reels” to be the agents of change for the conformity Telugu cinema has adopted.

Performances are at the helm in this flick, Mahesh acts with such an ease in the climax sequence where he makes the audience wait for his homecoming. The interval sequence is handled very gently and it succeeds in the act of getting audience glued to the screen. Protagonist’s intensity is of paramount importance for this kind of script and Mahesh has given an outstanding performance, may be the best in his career.

The background score of DSP is the clear winner in this movie. Evolutionary music mixed with a pinch of rejuvenating beats makes the movie worthwhile. The last 10 minutes is the heart of the film where the director wins with his directional skills, the actor excels with his intensity and the music director’s sheer brilliance completes the ‘awesomeness’ circle.

I don’t want to write about any particular sequences or frames as I don’t want to spoil your watch. Anyone must accept that this movie atleast helps in changing the horizons of telugu cinema, the prejudices our directors and producers were relying upon, the comfort zone of telugu cinema making and the boldness of telugu audience against repeated stories and unwanted comedy inserted sequences.

A regional cinema comes basing on audiences’ previous receiving of films similar to that storyline. So don’t accuse directors for not coming out of their comfort zones, their movies are a result of your perspective and judgement. If you keep on watching movies with obscenity, they make them. Once you stop watching routine comedy films, they will stop making them. You are the resolver on whom the entire film making is based on.

Trimming scenes in the movie is a bit hard as there aren’t any scenes inserted just for the commerciality, every scene is related to the next one, interwoven to give a whole meaning to the script. Go watch it for a fresh breeze in Telugu cinema, story based film making and intense performances. Cinematography is top notch with tremendous use of light and shadows. The haunting BGM is the best part of the film.The BGM fits the action sequences aptly that we cannot defferentiate between music and frame, they go hand in hand. I would love to buy the OST (Original Sound Track) if released by the production team. Every aspect of the film is immensly enjoyable. Finally, if you’re a global audience and a cinema lover, don’t miss this one.